SSG-032: Blowers and Mowers, Pt. 2
These detailed landscaping and construction files will blow you away.
Release Date: Sept. 4, 2023
Archive Date: N/A
Number of Files: 86 (101 with Auto Tech/Master Mechanic Bonus)
Notes: Auto Tech/Master Mechanic Bonus includes files to build the trailer into a towable generator/light towe.
File Pack Contents:
Zero Turn Commercial Mower
  • 22 detailed files to build a commercial, walk-behind zero turn mower.
  • Includes detailed engine
  • Adjustable deck height
  • Drilled for wire/heat shrink tubing for extra detail.
Towable Air Compressor
  • 53 files to build an air compressor trailer with full internal detail
  • Hinged hood can be opened to show details inside
  • Includes our full-detail Cummins 4BT engine, revised to add non-intercooled configuration and separate belt and pulley piece. Engine can be used in car and truck builds as well. Revised timing cover and belt/pulleys are interchangeable with our previous 4BT and 6BT releases.
  • Use heat shrink tubing for internal air hose and to connect jack hammer.
  • Jack hammer with separate bit
  • 4 styles of pickup headache rack, including directional arrow light and lenses.
  • 8 files
String Trimmers
  • 2 styles of gas string trimmer
  • 2 files
Auto Tech/Master Mechanic Bonus
  • Files to turn compressor trailer into towable generator/light tower
  • 2 styles of hinged hood
  • Light tower telescopes to scale height of 17 feet 3 inches, and collapses and pivots down for transport
  • Use wire and heat shrink tubing for detailing.
  • 16 files
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Interactive 3D Viewer
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Radiator Assembly (5 Files)
Jack Hammer + Bit (2 Files)
Full Engine + Compressor (Multiple Files)
Fuel Tank Assembly (3 Files)
Zero Turn Mower (22 Files)