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Start 3D PRINTING your own model car parts with help from Scale Speed Garage.
What our members say:
Scale Speed Garage is a great place to answer all of your questions and help you along the way. Chris Bell is a great designer and printer and will help you on your way.
-Josh R.
The owner is an amazing teacher and takes pride in his work. Can't go wrong here!
-Jesus G.
Really happy to see the progress here... I have great appreciation for what Chris is doing here!
-Dave R.
I love all the stuff I've gotten so far. It's so amazing and easy to use when you slice it. I love that I don't have to re-scale it.
-Aleks G.
Go from unboxing your printer to printing your first parts in 1 day!
As a Scale Speed Garage member, we guarantee we will help you get printing in 1 day, or your next month is on us. Sign up below to receive your FREE Resin 3D Printing Purchasing Guide and .STL file pack download. Also, when you sign up, you will receive the latest offers and deals on a Scale Speed Garage Membership.
What's Inside The Garage?
When you become a member of Scale Speed Garage, you don't just join a website, you become part of a community of model car and truck builders who are bringing their build into a new era with resin 3D Printing. Members of Scale Speed Garage will get:

-Access to constantly updated, ready-to-print .STL file downloads. Over 50 new files released every month!
-3D printing tutorials and how-tos specifically created for model car and truck builders.
-Troubleshooting support.
-Weekly video hangouts where you can show off your builds, get help with your printing, and talk shop.
-Reviews and deals on new printers, resin and other products.
-And, an exclusive members-only Social Wall where you can get inspired, chat with other members, post your builds and get support.

The best part is, you'll get all this for a low monthly membership fee that's roughly what you would pay for just a few .STL files from the other guys!
Whether you are brand new to the world of resin 3D printing or are already an expert, a Scale Speed Garage membership will help you boost your builds!
Are you a creator who wants to truly unleash the power of 3D printing and design your own part files? You're in luck! Scale Speed Garage members will get discounted tuition for Fusion 360 design courses from Scale Speed Academy! With a 3D printer and CAD knowledge in your toolbox, you unlock a virtual never-ending parts box for your model cars and trucks!

Member Benefits
Membership is now open! Join Scale Speed Garage today and become part of a passionate community of builders like you who are supercharging their model car and truck builds with the technology of 3D Printing.
File downloads change every month. Get this month's files before they are gone!
Even if you don't own a printer yet, but know that you want to add 3D Printing to your modeling toolkit, this deal is for you! Join now and jump start your learning! Plus, monthly file downloads are yours to keep and print for personal, non-commercial use forever! The monthly downloads are worth the price alone, not to mention all the tutorials, support, product reviews and community.
Who is Scale Speed Garage for?
Scale Speed Garage is for you, if you:
  • Want to start 3D Printing, but have no idea where to even begin.
  • Are new to 3D Printing and looking for troubleshooting help, a place to find printable files, or to build your skills.
  • Have experience with 3D Printing, but want to learn advanced printing techniques or how to design your own part files.
  • Are an adventurous model-builder who enjoys learning a new skill.
  • Want to build outside the box and open up new worlds of possibilty in your hobby,
Is Scale Speed Garage for everyone?
No. Scale Speed Garage may not be right for you, if you:
  • Are not interested in learning a new skill.
  • Do not have time to devote to an addition to your modeling hobby.
  • Are limited on space for a 3D Printing area.
  • Are not adventurous when it comes to new technology.
Prefer to buy already-printed model car and truck parts? That's cool too! We would love to see you over at www.bolidemodels.com
As a member of Scale Speed Garage, you'll receive:
The Starting Line - $297 value
Over 7 hours of video tutorials covering everything you need to know to get started printing quickly and successfully, including:
  • How resin 3D printing works
  • What you'll need to get started
  • Resin printing safety
  • Setting up and calibrating your printer
  • Preparing 3D files for print
  • Printing, cleaning and post-processing your model car parts
Parts Counter - $100+ value every month
50+ printable 3D file downloads every month. These are exclusive 3D files developed and designed in-house to be the most detailed and accurate model car and truck parts available. All chosen by Scale Speed Garage members - every member receives access to an STL File Request Channel. So members dictate what files we offer. Files include:
  • Wheels/Tires
  • Engines
  • Full bodies/transkits
  • Diorama parts
  • Race parts
  • Suspensions, Chassis
Diagnostics/Support - $347 Value
Detailed articles and hours of video content on how to diagnose and fix print quality issues and print failures. With Scale Speed Garage, you will see:
  • Consistent, successful 3D printing
  • Improved print quality
  • Helpful guides on how to get the most out of your 3D printer.
That's not all! Imagine having access to someone who has 3D printed thousands of model car and truck parts for when you need support and troubleshooting help. With a Scale Speed Garage membership, you get can tap into our knowledge and experience through:
  • Weekly live video Q&A calls (all members)
  • Private 1-on-1 troubleshooting chat (Auto Tech and Master Mechanic members)
  • 1 hour private troubleshooting video call every month (Master Mechanic members)
  • Access to an engaged and supportive community of other members on the Social Wall (all members)
Tune Up - $197 Value
Over 4 hours of video how-tos covering every element of printer maintenance and repair, including:
  • FEP film replacement
  • FEP film tuning
  • Print plate leveling
  • Z Axis lubrication
  • LED screen replacement
Under The Hood - $147 Value
3+ hours of video tutorials to help you take your 3D printing to advanced skill levels, with information on:
  • Custom resin blends
  • Advanced model orientation
  • Advanced supporting techniques
  • Nesting prints/optimizing capacity
Tool Box - $127 Value
A collection of exclusive online calculators, tools and downloads to make your 3D printing more successful, efficient and enjoyable.
  • Optimal Print Angle Calculator
  • Scale Calculator
  • Resin Blending Calculator
  • Light-off Delay Calculator
  • Pre-Print Checklist Download
  • Printer Setup Guide Download
Road Test - Bonus Value!
Product reviews and alerts
  • Reviews and unboxing videos of new printers
  • Reviews of resin, tools and equipment
  • Comparison tests
  • Notifications of sales and bargains
Car Club
A Members-only social network where you can engage with like-minded builders and:
  • Inspire and be inspired
  • Give and receive support
  • Make new friends
  • Show off your builds
  • Enter build-offs
As a Scale Speed Garage member, you'll receive all the useful content above - valued at over $1,300! Plus you'll get access to discounts on future 3D CAD design courses from Scale Speed Academy as well as an affiliate program - earn money every month when you refer new members*!
Still not sure? That's OK too. Sign up below to receive useful and informative 3D printing content to help you learn more about 3D printing and what it can bring to your modeling hobby.
Go from unboxing your printer to printing your first parts in 1 day!
As a Scale Speed Garage member, we guarantee we will help you get printing in 1 day, or your second month is on us. Sign up below to receive your FREE Resin 3D Printing Purchasing Guide and .STL file download. Also, when you sign up, you will receive the latest offers and deals on a Scale Speed Garage Membership.
*Affiliate program available only to Auto Tech and Master Mechanic level members. Subject to approval and acceptance of program rules, terms and conditions. Coming late 2021.
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