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Report File Piracy

Did you receive a file from someone that contained a link to this page, either for free or purchased? Did you download a file from a 3D file sharing website and discover that it contained a watermark with a link to this page? If so, you may be entitled to a reward.

Our Intellectual Property Is Our Livelihood

Scale Speed Garage is a small business which is succeeds in large part because of our unique, detailed and accurately-designed 3D models and related material. Our intellectual property is what puts food on our table; it's what keeps the lights on; it's what allows us to do the work we are passionate about and share the results of our labor with our members.

Sharing or selling our files is theft.

Our digital files are the source of our physical income.
Scale Speed Garage members agree to Terms and Conditions prior to joining which prohibit the sharing or selling of files they receive through membership. These rules also prohibit the sale of physical prints created from our files. To enforce these rules and track unauthorized sharing or selling of our files, every member's file downloads are embedded with a digital watermark from which provides a non-removable, trackable imprint in the digital makeup of the file.
The Terms and Conditions make up part of the User License for our files. These Terms and Conditions apply to anyone who downloads our files, whether they do so as an authorized member of Scale Speed Garage or receive them from someone else through unauthorized sharing. These Terms and Conditions spell out the terms of the license and the penalties for violating them - which include the possibility of being sued by us for $500 per violation or the maximum allowed by law. What this means is that someone who receives one of our files through any means and then shares or sells the files can be held liable.
To protect that which feeds us, Scale Speed Garage offers a generous reward for all information which helps us prosecute violations of our License Terms and Conditions. When you report piracy of our files and we recover damages from the offending party(ies), you receive 30% of all monetary damages recovered.
Example: Frank is a member of Scale Speed Garage, and unlike the overwhelming majority of our members, Frank decides the rules don't apply to him. Frank decides to start selling our files for $10 each and he finds 20 people who want to buy a file. Frank makes $200 from selling our files. He is happy to have a few extra bills in his wallet and doesn't yet know about the storm of hellfire that is about to rain down upon him.
One of the people Frank sells to is Joe. Joe is not a member of Scale Speed Garage, but he now holds our intellectual property and decides he too wants to make some money. So now Joe starts selling this file also for $10, and he sells to an additional 20 people and also makes $200. Just like Frank, Joe is pleased with his extra little side gig and also doesn't know that it's about to be a very expensive mistake.
Now, let's say one of the people who buys from Joe is Harry, and Harry happens to find the watermark on the file he purchased. Harry follows the link to this page and realizes he has unknowingly purchased a stolen file. Harry fills out the form at the bottom of this page, and because of this, we discover the unauthorized sharing by Joe and trace it back to Frank.
Because Joe committed 20 violations of the Terms and Conditions, he is sued for $10,000. Because Frank committed 20 violations, one of which led to 20 more violations, Frank is sued for $20,000. We are awarded a total of $30,000 in damages (of which, the lawyer of course immediately takes their 1/3rd), and for his part in reporting the piracy, Harry receives 30% of all money received, in this case $9000.
Does Harry sound a lot like you?
If you believe you've been the recipient of one or more pirated files that belong to Bolide Brands, Inc./Scale Speed Garage, use the button below to reach out. If you have purchased or otherwise received stolen files that belong to us, and you help us prosecute the offending party(ies) you will be eligible to receive the Piracy Reward and will not be held liable for the files you received.
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