SSG-002: Welder, Frame Notch, Twin-Turbos
Got a truck you want lowered and boosted? This pack is for you. Our generic C-notch frame with 4-link suspension can be used to lower nearly any truck, SUV or full-size sedan. Our twin turbo kit features two-piece clockable turbos, intercooler and air cleaner. Plus, our modern MIG welding kit adds detail to your shop diorama.
Release Date: Nov. 5, 2021
Archive Date: Dec. 10, 2022
Number of Files: 18
Notes: No
File Pack Contents:
MIG Welding Set
  • 5 files
  • MIG welder and gun
  • Oxy-acetylene cutting torch and tanks
Frame Notch
  • 9 files
  • Frame Notch
  • 4 link suspension
  • 3 lengths of shock for adjustable drop
  • 3 styles of Ford 9 Inch rear end
Twin Turbos
  • 4 files
  • 2-piece clockable turbo
  • Intercooler and air cleaner
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MIG Welder
Acetylene Torch
Turbocharger (2 Pieces)
Frame Notch/4 Link (6 Pieces)