SSG-015: Truck Stuff, Vol. 1
Haul up that load on up the road with Scale Speed Garage's 'Truck Pack'
Release Date: Jul. 20, 2022
Archive Date: Sept. 30, 2022
Number of Files: 96
Notes: No
File Pack Contents:
Fifth Wheel Hitch for pickup trucks
3 styles of pickup truck headache racks
Directional Arrow Light Rack
3 Air Horn Styles
Branded and unbranded semi truck tires
  • 10 styles, each with 4 sizes

Vintage truck wheels

  • 5 sizes, 4 styles each (2-,4-,5-, and 6-hole styles)

5 sizes of Alcoa wheel

  • With various separate hub options
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Fifth Wheel Hitch (3 Pieces)
Drive Tires, Wheels, Hub (5 Pieces)
3 Trumpet Air Horn (Train Horn Style)
Steer Wheel, Tire and Hub (3 Pieces)
Semi Headache Rack (Narrow Style)