SSG-022: Spark up the Grille, Pt. 1
By popular request from SSG members in our Shop Talk calls; SSG-022 is full of the high-detail underhood accessories to make your build stand out. Also includes conversion grilles for all years of the 4th Gen. Ford truck: 1961-1966. These grilles fit any Moebius 4th gen Ford truck kit.
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2023
Archive Date: Feb. 27, 2023
Number of Files: 22
Notes: N/A
File Pack Contents:
4th Gen. Ford Grilles
  • 8 files
  • Every year grille 1961-1966, plus detailed headlight and turn indicator lenses.
  • 9 files
  • 6 cyl. and 8 cyl. Caps, each in 4 styles
  • Full detail body for diorama use, plus trimmed body for use in builds
Ignition Coils
  • 4 files
  • Classic and modern, aftermarket coils
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1964 Ford Grille
Accel Super Coil
V8 Distributor (2 Pieces)
1966 Ford Grille