SSG-023: Spark up the Grille, Pt. 2
More sparks, more grilles! Build one tough welding rig with our full welding truck kit. Upper grille trim pieces complete the 4th Gen Ford conversions from SSG-023.
Release Date: Jan. 31, 2023
Archive Date: March 31, 2023
Number of Files: 36 (41 with bonus)
Notes: Auto Tech/Master Mechanic Bonus: Mercury pickup conversions - 1961 grille, trim pieces, badges
File Pack Contents:
4th Gen. Ford Trim, Badges, and Lenses
  • 6 files
  • Upper grille trim pieces - early and late styles, emblem badges, light lenses.
Welding Rig Kit
  • 30 files
  • Welding Bed with optional Hoosier pole
  • Lincoln-style engine driven welder
  • Gas bottles, hose and lead reels, gas cutting torch
  • Tools - angle grinder, vise, vise grip clamps, anvil
  • Accesories - gas bottle regulator and cap, buckets
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Lincoln-style Welder
Welding Rig Bed
Angle Grinder
Ford Badge
Mercury Trim Piece - Auto Tech/Master Mechanic Bonus