SSG-024: Surrounded by Axles
All your drivetrain needs - this pack is full of axles, transfer cases and leaf springs.
Release Date: Feb. 27, 2023
Archive Date: Still Available for free member download
Number of Files: 103
Notes: N/A
File Pack Contents:
Transfer Cases
  • 7 files
  • Some of the most popular off-roading transfer cases, and a couple oddballs.
  • From the compact Dana 20, on up to the insane 2-1/2 ton Rockwell T-136-27
Light Duty Truck and Car Axles
  • 34 files
  • Some of the most popular axles: Dana 44, Dana 60, Ford 9 Inch, GM 10 Bolt, GM 12 Bolt
  • Every axle offered in full 1 piece design, plus customizable center-section only designed for use with 1/8" aluminum or styrene tube to create custom axle tubes.
  • Full detail center section with diff cover removed for diorama use.
  • Stock and Aftermarket diff cover options
Rockwell 2-1/2 Ton Axles
  • 41 files
  • Driver-offset, passenger-offset, and center differential axle housings in stock, and shortened widths
  • Exquisitely detailed gear carrier
  • Customizable-length axle tubes
  • Stock and Aftermarket diff cover options
  • Several options for brake drums, steering knuckles and hubs.
Leaf Springs
  • 21 files
  • Sizes from 36" Long x 4" Drop to 50" Long x 10" Drop
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Interactive 3D Viewer
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Rockwell Axle (9 Pieces Shown)
Full Detail Ford 9 Inch Gear Carrier
NP205 Transfer Case
GM 10 Bolt Center Section
46x8 Leaf Spring