SSG-011 Now Available for Member Download

SSG-011 now available for member download through 4/20 extended through 7/1. Our Drag Super Pack Vol. 2 contains 130 .STL Files! (Plus, Auto Tech and Master Mechanic level members get a 15 .STL bonus pack!)
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Now available for member download, SSG-011 is a model car .STL file pack containing 130 separate 3D-printable STL files designed for model car building.
As requested by Scale Speed Garage Members, SSG-011 is full of detailed, accurate parts for drag racing models.
In this file pack, you will find 130 .STL files for printing modern and vintage drag racing parts, including:
  • 5 additional styles of drag wheel faces: Torq Thrust II's, 2 styles of Centerlines, and Draglites in 4- and 5-lug configurations. These faces can be used with the rims, hubs and tires in the Drag Wheel and Tire Pack available in the Permanent Downloads section.
  • Full Gasser front suspension setup with 3 axle styles in multiple axle widths and multiple sizes of leaf spring.
  • 5 styles of drag hood scoops from vintage 1960s styles to modern forms.
  • Multiple sizes of vintage and modern front drag tires
  • Vintage and modern cool cans
  • 2 styles of Gasser fuel tanks
  • AND... our incredibly detailed LENCO drag transmission offered in multiple styles:
    -2,3,4,5, and 6 speed with air shift and reverser unit
    -2,3,4,5, and 6 speed with lever shift and reverser unit
    -Scatter shield bellhousings for Ford SB, BB Chevy and Mopar BB engines
    -Slip yoke and U Joints for making custom driveshafts
    -And the unmistakable LENCO shift levers for all gear options.
  • PLUS... Auto Tech and Master Mechanic level members receive a bonus LENCO file pack for the ultimate in transmission customization and diorama uses. Bonus file pack includes:
    -Individual gearbox sections
    -Separate reverser section
    -Separate Bruno Converter Driver with Trans Brake
    -Separate shift levers and brackets.
As with all of our model car and truck .STL files, these files were designed in house to be the ultimate in detail and accuracy. All of our model car files for 3D printing are provided in 1/25th scale but may be scaled to any size desired. Members have access to an exclusive Scaling Calculator to make re-scaling parts simple.
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Author: Chris Bell
Chris Bell is a passionate model car builder, resin 3D printing expert and owner of Scale Speed Garage and Bolide Plastic Motorworks.

(He's the one on the left in this picture.)

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