SSG-018: Hot Rod/Rat Rod File Pack Vol. 2
A truckload of speed parts for your Flathead Ford. Plus, accessories for your hot rod.
Release Date: Sept. 30, 2022
Archive Date: 12//25/2022
Number of Files: 104
Notes: Bonus rat rod style parts from guest designer Nahuel Customs
File Pack Contents:
Ford Flathead V8 Speed Parts
  • 6 cylinder head options including: Offenhauser, Edelbrock, Smith, and Navarro
  • 4 aftermarket exhaust options
  • 2 dual carb intake manifolds
  • 6 aftermarket air filter/scoop options
  • "Beehive" external oil filter

It's not just engine stuff either! SSG-018 also contains:

  • 6 Sizes of Artillery wheels (2 piece design - customize the offset for your build!)
  • Vintage hubcaps (Ford, Mercury, Chevy, Dodge, Willys, V8, Plain)
  • 3 sizes of M/T Sportsman Pro front tires
  • 6 styles of bomber seats - from classic to modern. With separate cushions for easy detailing.
  • Rat rod seat, shifter, rear axle with skull design from Nahuel Customs
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Finned Teardrop Air Cleaner
Complete Flathead V8 w/ Speed Parts
"Double Barrel" Bomber Seat (3 Pieces)
Vintage Hubcaps
Artillery Wheel + Hubcap (3 Pieces)
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